Liberate your voice

OnTune is the world’s first vocal tuner. With this revolutionary marvel of technology, you will always sing in tune.

OnTune is a collar-shaped device, worn around the base of the voice box (larynx) and the vocal cords.




How does it work?

The OnTune team successfully developed a revolutionary electrode that can interact with the nerves of the human larynx. Using these magnetic electrodes, OnTune sends low frequency waves to the nerves of the laryngeal muscles, which allow to control how these muscles contract and thereby modulate the vibration frequency of the wearer’s vocal cords. OnTune improve your voice so you always sing in tune.

Technical Features

Sleek design, cutting-edge technology.

 Fast Recharging

Qi wireless charger

 Intuitive LED Light Signals

Clear and intuitive light signals thanks to its mini multi-colored 3W 220-240LM LED.


Big technology, small size. Measurements: 6.5cm X 1.5cm X 5cm.


VIA Nano 64bit x86 processor + 64MB RAM

 Quality recording

24 bits/48 kHz condenser microphone

 Great battery life

3200mAh 11.1v battery


Where does the inspiration for OnTune come from?

The OnTune tool is the result of the coming-together of ENT specialists, neurologists, IT engineers and scientific consultants. It was conceived two years ago by two young inventors: a neuroscience student and an IT student. After two years of work, together with their team, they successfully developped a technology capable of tuning the voice—it was truly a dream come true for singing enthusiasts.


Frequently Asked Questions

When will it be delivered?

OnTune will be released commercially in the Fall. You will need to wait 7 working days from the date of the order confirmation.

Is the application compatible with my telephone?

Does it present any health risks?

How do I connect my telephone to OnTune?

Why should I register for a pre-order?

Does it come with a warranty?


Share your work

Thanks to the microphone built into OnTune, the upcoming app will allow you to record your voice.

Coming soon

Download Download

You will be able to share and publish your song tracks. It also contains vocal filters so you can quickly modify your voice after recording it.

Made in France

OnTune is now a team of 8 people. But it is first and foremost a start-up launched in 2015 by two French students. Support ‘Made in France’ products!